Mindheart Saunas


Auckland, New Zealand

Mindheart Saunas

A few weeks ago I received some very very interesting information from a Ph.D. Medical Doctor that made a lot of sense to me

He said that heat above 56 degrees celsius can kill viruses, – including, amazingly enough, viruses such as COVID 19

This medical doctor then went on to say that Saunas were a perfect way to obtain this level of heat

He then showed an example of a Traditional sauna as a way to obtain this high heat

I then did additional research myself into this theory, and interestingly enough found several other people in the medical profession
agreeing with this information

As I had always been a firm believer in Saunas for overall health, and truly believe that people living in countries where Saunas are a norm in society and who use them regularly are physically and mentally healthier, I decided to go ahead and look for a sauna company in Auckland that sold the traditional saunas I was looking for.

I had been looking at getting a sauna for a while, but especially now with the current virus issues around, and after I had seen the above vital data from the medical doctor

To my surprise, there were many companies promoting “infrared” heat boxes in NZ, but only a couple dealing with actual traditional saunas

I then came across “Mindheart Saunas” in Auckland

The owner is a man named Hardy who is actually from a ski village in Austria where traditional Saunas were the norm, and he thus used them regularly in his village and continues to use them

…First good sign! – someone who has lots of personal experience with traditional saunas

I then called him

Note: Hardy still has a strong Austrian accent like Arnold Schwarzenegger so you have to listen carefully lol

Hardy was very communicative on the phone and was prepared to answer any question I had including my personal concerns over Infra-Red Saunas (which he clarified as not actually being a “real traditional sauna”, but a “heating box”). He confirmed my concerns about these infrared heating boxes and said they were non-optimum, especially for killing viruses as they just don’t get hot enough, and he also personally felt they were not proven safety-wise in his opinion

He explained the types of saunas he had, plus other information, and then invited me to go over to his “showroom” in Auckland

I thought this was a great idea to actually see the products in person, so arranged a time with Hardy, and then loaded up our Car with my baby son, our Kelpie dog, and my partner, and we all headed over to his showroom in CAVENDISH DRIVE, MANUKAU

…I do have to say when driving down his street, and driveway, I felt a million miles away from the Austrian Alps, ..and did not hear any yodeling, or Austrian music at all
….I thought maybe the GPS had taken us to the wrong place?

Then Hardy came out of the house, and once he spoke I knew we were dealing with the real deal

He knows his saunas, he believes in saunas, he knows the health benefits of saunas, and he wants people to have saunas

I think he really takes a big personal win when another new person in New Zealand owns a sauna

Hardy is your Sauna King

He may not have a “super flash showroom” or a “barista coffee machine to make cappuccinos for customers” but he sure knows his saunas and their importance

I thus decided to go ahead with Hardy

All the logistics involved with my sauna including getting everything loaded on the truck, delivered, and installed, were done by him and his team.
They all did a great job

…And all amazingly enough just hours before the start of the lockdown last week in NZ

It was a great feat in determination and intention

We also all had a lot of fun with this project at the same time

I now have a sauna right here in my home

It is used daily, and we can already feel and see the health benefits

Thank you to Hardy the Sauna King.

All the best