Mindheart Saunas

Outdoor Sauna Use

Set Up Instructions

Wild weather seen all too frequently in current times exposes outdoor saunas to all types of weather-related damage.

Consider the following recommendations:

  • Choose the best-sheltered spot for your Sauna preferably adjacent too an already established building be it under your balcony, pergola, patio, porch, or awning.
  • Double varnish the sauna making sure the varnish gets right into the Tongue and Groove.
  • Seal Window/ Door Frame/ Doorstep and the corner pillars with silicone.
  • A roof MUST be constructed on all outdoor saunas.

We provide all manuals/instructions with product materials easily available at Bunnings, Mitre10, or any hardware shop.

It is important to note that Mindheart Saunas takes no responsibility for any water damage that occurs after sauna assembly

Do not hesitate to contact Hardy for advice at 0221400979.

Remember Sauna People are happy people and let’s keep it that way!

Sit up instructions for outdoor Champion Sauna