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About Us

Welcome to Mindheart Saunas

Mindheart Saunas was founded and is operated by Austrian born Hardy Heiser. Originally from the ski fields of Austria, Hardy soon learned the benefits and rituals of an original steam sauna culture during his days of training for ski jumping championships in Lahti, Finland. Regular steam sauna sessions have proved vital for the locals’ good health and well-being.
In 1988, Hardy made the move from Dornbirn, Austria to New Zealand’s North Island. As a sauna enthusiast, the move brought with it some understandable culture shock, but nothing compared to the surprising revelation that saunas, in the traditional sense, were practically unheard of in New Zealand. The term “sauna” is typically applied solely to baths wherein the whole body is exposed to steam and dry heat. However, in New Zealand, “sauna” was continuously used to describe anything spa or bath related or exclusively applied to leisure establishments with a swimming pool.
Hardy knew right away that he wanted to introduce the wonderful world of sauna culture to New Zealand, hoping that spreading knowledge and educating others would increase the popularity of saunas and share its incredible benefits with more people. In New Zealand, the sauna is now as popular as it has always been in therapeutic communities because of its age-old benefits to refresh, restore and detoxify the mind, body and soul. With dry heat, the sweat glands open and the pores are cleansed, rejuvenated, then sublimely relaxed deep within all parts of the body to produce a hale and hearty picture from the outside.
Using the latest technology in sauna production, Mindheart Saunas in NZ captures every aspect of a professional sauna. It takes less than half an hour to reach the precise temperature you desire and maintain it throughout your entire sauna session to detoxify and invigorate your body. Mindheart Saunas are built with high-quality Canadian Hemlock Timber and are both stylish and functional in design.


Our Story

Mindheart Saunas was established after a close friend Meinhard Heiser passed away, we are a family business that wanted to keep his legacy going.
Meinhard was an Austrian man who believed that traditional saunas were a way for the body to Relax, Rejuvenate and Rebalance the body.

The Many Health Benefits Of Saunas

According to Healthline, there are a number of potential health benefits to regular sauna use. Saunas have similar effects on the body regardless of how they are heated or how humid they are. In a sauna, a person’s heart rate increases, widening blood vessels and increasing circulation in the same way as low- to moderate-intensity exercise, depending on how long the sauna is used for. A person’s heart rate may range from 100-150 beats a minute while in a sauna. While Mindheart Saunas truly believe in the benefits of regular sauna use, we do not recommend using a sauna in place of any medical treatment. Please consult with a healthcare professional if you are interested in incorporating a sauna into any treatment plan.  
Pain relief
An increase in circulation may reduce muscle and arthritis pain and improve joint mobility.
Reduced stress levels
The heat in a sauna can promote relaxation, naturally enhancing positive feelings of well-being and reducing stress levels.
Improved cardiovascular health
Sauna use may reduce your risk of cardiovascular issues, decrease your blood pressure and enhance your heart function. Although studies have provided promising results, sauna use should not replace a regular exercise program when it comes to keeping your heart healthy.
Improved skin problems
Some people with psoriasis may find their symptoms reduced after using a sauna; however, people with atopic dermatitis may experience worsening symptoms.
Saunas may help open airways, loosen phlegm and reduce stress in some asthma sufferers, making it easier for them to breathe.