Mindheart Saunas


Each sauna from Mindheart Saunas is personally overseen by sauna enthusiast and owner Hardy Heiser. Because of his years in the sauna community and his extensive knowledge about the technical details of saunas, as well as his awareness of the multitude of health benefits saunas can provide, Hardy is able to recommend the right sauna model for each customer and advise them on how best to use and enjoy their sauna.

Each sauna is designed and crafted to be aesthetically pleasing, practical, comfortable and functional. Built from the highest quality Canadian Hemlock Timber, our saunas come equipped with the latest features, accessories and sauna technologies that allow you to have a perfectly heated sauna within thirty minutes. Bask in the restorative dry heat and experience the numerous benefits of a sauna for yourself.
Our clients are limited only by their imaginations and have the ability to completely transform their spaces with the sauna of their dreams. Take a look through our gallery to see some of the beautiful saunas enjoyed by our clients in NZ.